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Eddy Balambula, CRIC 

BalCAN Immigration Services (BalCanis) is a company founded by Eddy Balambula. As an immigration product, he has a very good understanding of the workings of Canadian immigration and the challenges associated with it. Eddy Balambula is a regulated Canadian immigration consultant and an active member of the Canadian Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council. (No. R532687). He is also a paralegal, a member of the Ontario Bar Association and a Commissioner of Oaths.

Balcanis is a team of experts who want to invest in you by offering you immigration solutions that take into account your individual and family situation. We are legally authorized to provide Canadian immigration legal advice in Canada and abroad. Through our rigorous training and knowledge of immigration laws and programs, we can offer you customized solutions to your immigration problems in Canada.

We believe in a better future for you and your loved ones. This makes us very enthusiastic and motivates us to “Invest in people" that you are, it is our reason for being. That’s why we take your problems to heart and have a personalized approach to handling cases. Our customers’ trust is priceless! Each customer is unique and the situations are all different. We treat each case with care and attention to detail, taking into account the particularities and subtleties of each case. This allows us to offer you viable and personalized solutions. To achieve this, we devote the time and resources necessary to analyze each application in order to propose solutions that offer you the greatest probability of success for your project to immigrate to Canada.

That is why we say “To immigrate to Canada with Balcanis is to invest in you, the human being.

Contact us today and open the doors of several opportunities.

Eddy Balambula, CRIC
Active member of the Regulatory Council of Immigration Consultants of Canada. No. R532687  
Paralegal at the Ontario Bar and Commissioner of Oaths No. P10949 
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