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Who are we ?

BalCAN Immigration Services is a team of professionals managed by Mr. Eddy Balambula, the Senior Canadian Immigration Consultant and a member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.

All members of the BalCanis team have years of experience and the knowledge to guide you through the Canadian immigration process. We offer immigration solutions that take into account your individual and family situation. Rest assured that we treat each case with care. At BalCanis, we believe in a better future for you and your loved ones. We invest in you so that you can create better opportunities for those around you. Whatever your immigration needs, we have what you need.

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We are invested in you !

Eddy Balambula
Founder and CEO

Eddy Balambula the founder and principal consultant of BalCanis is an active member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). Eddy is also a paralegal and notary in good standing with the Ontario Bar. He has years of experience in the Canadian immigration system. As an immigrant himself and having gone through the challenges of the Canadian immigration system, he is able to provide expert service and accurate, professional advice on all immigration matters.

With rigorous training and knowledge of immigration laws and programs, the BalCanis team can provide you with viable customized solutions. BalCanis dedicates the time and resources necessary to analyze each application in order to propose solutions that offer you the highest probability of success for your immigration project in Canada.