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Business People

The Government of Canada welcomes entrepreneurs, investors or self-employed individuals who choose to invest in Canada or set up their businesses in Canada with a clear goal of contributing to the Canadian economy. This immigration category includes both provincial and federal programs. For example, self-employed foreign workers with managerial skills, capital available and ready to invest in Canada, and management experience can benefit from the self-employed program. BalCanis will advise and guide you in choosing the program that best suits you and effectively serves your interests and those of Canada.

If you are a serious businesswoman or businessman who wants to develop your business, you can organize a business trip to Canada to discover huge business prospects and new interesting opportunities. You could meet and talk with different Canadian companies and entrepreneurs. BalCanis can help you by providing you with the necessary information for the business visa process and allow you to realize your dreams of expansion. Take the opportunity to participate in various conferences and interact with your business counterparts in Canada. The decision to grant a visa is the responsibility of immigration officials. Although we do not provide any guarantee of acceptance, we will help you maximize your chances of success in your Canadian immigration project.  

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