Welcome to BalCAN Immigration Services

Humanitarian Considerations

BalCanis offers you viable solutions to your immigration projects. Beyond the collection of documents and the verification of conformity of forms, we will ensure you an efficient representation with the Canadian authorities in order to present your application in the best possible way. In addition, our experts have the knowledge and skills necessary to represent you either in person or in writing. We will effectively follow up on your files with the appropriate authorities. Optionally, if necessary, we will also prepare you for the interview with the immigration officer. 

Our service offerings include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Evaluation of your application to immigrate to Canada; 
  • Information on Temporary Residency Programs (TRV);  
  • Information on permanent residence programs; 
  • Review of required forms; 
    Verification of compliance of required documents; 
  • Preparation and finalization of your immigration application; 
  • Submission of the complete file to Immigration Canada; 
  • Ongoing follow-up with Immigration Canada; 

Optional immigration services  

  • Customized preparation for the interview with the immigration officer; 
  • Study tools and information. 

Once you are admitted to Canada, we will refer you to our partner BalCAN Integration Services to help you successfully integrate into Canadian society. Other services offered by this partner focus on :  

  • Assistance with settling in and settling in Canada; 
  • Assistance with social integration. (Employment, housing, etc.)