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Express Entry

Entrance Express is a skilled worker selection system designed primarily for people who want to live and work anywhere in Canada except in the province of Quebec. This system, which is a fully electronic process, was implemented in 2015 and selects skilled immigrants based on their ability to establish themselves in Canada for permanent residence and to participate in the country's economy. The system assigns points to candidates based on their position in relation to each other using the Global Ranking System (GCS) and allows for the granting of Canadian permanent residence. Candidates are compared to each other and ranked on a scale based on criteria such as age, education, work experience, language skills and whether or not there is a job offer in Canada. 

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Permanent residence for skilled workers. 

In recent years, the demand for skilled workers has increased significantly in Canada. Several sectors across the country offer unimaginable employment opportunities for skilled foreign workers to contribute to Canada's economic growth. Professionals with an education and at least one year of work experience can move to Canada and have the opportunity to find employment in any province of the country. The need for a skilled and dedicated workforce is so acute that if you have skills and work experience, BalCanis can help you become a permanent resident in Canada and eventually become a Canadian citizen.