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Commissioner for Oaths

Commissioners of Oaths are persons empowered by provincial or state law to administer oaths or to be present at the taking of solemn affirmations. It is sometimes necessary for a person to take an oath, affirmation or declaration before signing certain documents. Commissioners of Oaths can legally administer oaths, affirmations or statutory declarations.
As a Paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario, Eddy Balambula is a Commissioner of Oaths who is authorized to authenticate your documents, swear affidavits, receive affidavits and statutory declarations and administer oaths. Thanks to our mobile service, we can meet you at a location of your choice and offer excellent value for money. Additional travel charges apply depending on the distance to be travelled. Contact us today to find out more and make an appointment.

Here are some examples of documents we swear in:

  • Affidavits or affidavits; 
  • Consent letters for children travelling abroad;
  • Letters of invitation;
  • Letters of invitation; etc.