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Canadian degrees are recognized internationally and a majority of students prefer Canada for the quality of its education system. If you aspire to a world-class post-secondary education and wish to apply for a study visa to Canada, BalCanis can help you. Obtaining a study permit is mandatory to study in Canada beyond six (6) months. Any applicant who applies for a study permit must explain the reasons for his or her choice. He or she must also prove to the Canadian immigration officer that he or she would respect immigration laws and regulations if he or she were allowed to study in Canada. Before issuing a study permit, the immigration officer must be satisfied that the applicant will leave Canadian soil at the end of his or her studies. Our experts at BalCanis will help you prepare your study permit application to maximize your chances of success. We will also help you choose the best program of study.

Here are some of the advantages of studying in Canada.

  • Possibility to work part-time during your studies;
  • Possibility of working after you finish your studies (Post-Graduation Work Permit) ;
  • Possibility of obtaining permanent residence after studies (conditions apply.) ;
  • Quality of education and internationally recognized degree.