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A Temporary resident permit (TRP) is a document that grants a foreign individual who is found inadmissible or does not meet the requirement of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, permission to enter or remain in Canada as a temporary resident or, in some cases, as a permanent resident. These documents can be issued as either visas, work or study permits.

It is important to note that you can only be considered for a TRP if you are found inadmissible. The immigration officers, upon issuing this document, must consider the following:

  1. the need for the foreign individual to enter or remain in Canada (i.e. their family, job qualification, etc.)
  2. Whether the need for the foreign individual’s presence in Canada poses any risks to Canadians.

TRPs are not available to a failed refugee claimant immigrant and are not the first resort when it comes to special access applications. As a matter of fact, immigration officers are encouraged to consider all assessment factors before granting an initial TRP. 

You can apply for a TRP at the point of entry or inland offices. The application can be done in person but is most commonly done in writing. If the TRP is granted, it can be granted for a period of three years with a possibility of extension for up to two additional years. For more information about TRP and its process, do not hesitate to contact BalCAN Immigration Services.