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Generally, in order to work in Canada, a work permit is required. It is the authorization issued by Immigration Canada that will allow you to work in Canada legally. Canada is actively seeking skilled foreign workers to strengthen the domestic workforce and contribute to the country's economic development. However, the Canadian government has strict policies on access to the labour market. Only persons legally authorized to work in Canada can use it. If you are looking for a permanent or temporary job in Canada, BalCanis will assist you in your efforts and help you achieve your objectives.

Hiring foreign workers

As a general rule, before hiring a foreign worker, any Canadian company must request a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Simply put, a positive IMTA is an authorization that the government gives the Canadian company to hire a foreign worker. Before obtaining such authorization, the company in question must demonstrate that, at equal competence, it has not been able to find a permanent resident or Canadian citizen capable of filling the position. In addition, the company must pay $1,000.00 for each position to be filled. At BalCanis, our experts will make it a point to fully inform you about the options available to you.